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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Beware Real Estate Professionals: Google Targets Real Estate Market.

When I saw this video on Inman TV, I jumped to watch it. It’s not everyday that you get a Google executive speak specifically about Google’s goals for the real estate market.

Google Wants:

To aggregate listings from across the country from the top 100 brokerages.
To court MLS boards around the country to get them to feed them their listings.
To provide free data on listings to consumers that are searching with real estate related terms.
What does it mean for you?:

Make sure ALL your listings are on Google Base Try using a service like Postlets or VFlyer so you don’t have to submit listings manually.
Keep an eye on your local search terms. You will probably notice the Google Base search bar come up for some local real estate terms.
If you work for a local broker, try to talk them into feeding your office’s listings into Google Base.
On some smaller searches you may start to notice Google Base results in the organic area.

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